The Pointer Brothers

Massive Social Media Growth On a Budget


The Pointer Brothers are a social media duo formed by brothers Henry and Mike Budrewicz. In a year’s time, the duo has been able to amass a following of over 600k followers on TikTok and over 60k on Instagram. 

Although the duo had grown a huge following on TikTok, they wanted to transition over to YouTube – which is very common amongst creators. But Youtube is different than TikTok in which usually requires a larger production to stay competitive in a saturated market.


Since we have a large focus on video creation we were able to bring our own equipment and editing skills to the table.

Some of our gear:

  • Sony A7SIII
  • DJI Stabilizer
  • Drone 
  • Lighting
  • Audio Equipment 

Today’s YouTube content is also very fast-paced and requires a team that is in touch with today’s culture. 

Here are some stats since we started: